Regional Consultations

All Animal Eye Services also performs clinics at major regional centres in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Regional consultation dates 2021
 Thursday 10th June 2021  Wednesday 4th August

Bellarine Vet Practice Newcomb:

Bellarine Vet Practice Newcomb, 65 Coppards Road, Newcomb.

GEELONG SOUTH - Geelong Animal Emergency Clinic
Tues 22nd June 2021  Tues 13th July 2021  Tues 17th August 2021

Geelong Animal Emergency

102 Fyans St, Geelong South

Wed 23rd June 2021  Wed 14th July 2021  Wed 18th August 2021

Eastwood vet Clinic:

Eastwood vet Clinic, 81 Mair Street, Ballarat East.

Ballarat Vet Practice:

Ballarat Vet Practice, 1410 Sturt Street, Ballarat.

Thursday 15th July 2021  Thursday 19th August 2021  Thursday 16th Sept 2021

Bendigo Animal Hospital:

Bendigo Animal Hospital, 294 Napier Street, Bendigo.

Kangaroo Flat Vet Clinic:

Kangaroo Flat Vet Clinic, 102 High Street, Kangaroo Flat.


Frankston Heights Vet Clinic:

Frankston Heights Vet Clinic, 231 Frankston-Flinders Road, Frankston.

 Mon 31st May - Thurs 3rd June 2021 Tues 6th - Thurs 8th July 2021  Tues 10th - Thurs 12th Aug 2021

North Hobart Vet Hospital:

North Hobart Vet Hospital, 223 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.

 Tues 29th June - Thurs 1st July 2021  Tues 7th - Thurs 9th Sept 2021

Animal Medical Centre:

Animal Medical Centre, 266 Charles Street, Launceston.

Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

Broadford Vet Clinic:

Broadford Vet Clinic, 107 High Street, Broadford.

Strathbogie Vet Clinic:

Strathbogie Vet Clinic, 55 Anderson Street, Euroa.

Benalla Vet Clinic:

Benalla Vet Clinic, 16 Church Street, Benalla.

Warby Street Vet:

Warby Street Vet, 32 Warby Street, Wangaratta.


Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

Family Vet Centre:

Family Vet Centre, 243 Borella Road, Albury.

Hume Animal Hospital:

Hume Animal Hospital, Cnr Mate & Swan Street, North Albury.

Wed 16th - Thurs 17th June 2021  Wed 25th - Thurs 26th Aug 2021

Shepparton Vet Clinic:

Shepparton Vet Clinic, 2 Wanganui Road, Shepparton.