Breeders Information

At All Animal Eye Services, we support responsible breeders that test their breeding dogs and puppies for a range of congenital and inherited eye conditions. We perform examinations for the Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES), which provides certification of a dog’s eye health, from puppyhood (6-10 weeks of age) right through their breeding lives.

ACES is administered by the Australian Veterinary Association and endorsed by the Australian National Kennel Council as a reliable screening service that is valuable to breeders and new dog owners. Only registered Veterinary Eye Specialists can perform eye certification.

Any breed of dog can have an ACES examination, provided the dog is microchipped to confirm identification. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to eye disease than others, and we strongly recommend that puppy buyers speak to their breeder about eye testing to ensure they get the healthy puppy they deserve.

The eye examination itself only takes around 15 minutes and is completely painless. You can stay with your dog the entire time and your ACES Certificate is issued immediately. The eye is examined for many anomalies including Progressive Retinal Atrophy, hereditary cataracts, distichia, entropion, retinal folds, Collie Eye Anomaly, persistent pupillary membranes and goniodysgenesis.