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Thank you Simon and the wonderful nurses for giving Nellie back her eyesight!! We cannot thank you enough for the incredible work and difference you have made to Nellie. She is back to running around and being the happy happy dog we love. Keep up the great work,

Betty, Sandra and Nellie Bear


To Dear Jess, Thank you so much for your skill and kindness in dealing with Lulu's illness. We appreciate that you understood how precious she is to us! A great attribute for a vet! Kind Regards,

Lois, Peter and Lulu


To the great team at Animal Eye Services, Thank-you for the operation that allowed Harry to see again. We really appreciate what you have done for him, as it was awful watching him slowly go blind. You guys are great! Thanks again,

Utku, Jane and Harry


To the wonderful staff of All Animal Eye Services, Thank you for providing such good care of to Roebourne and fitting us into appointments at short notice.

Hanna, Lance and Roebourne.


To the Staff at All Animal Eye Services, Thank you for looking after me, my owners are very grateful. I look forward to my new adventures now I can see again.

Love Zadie.


Dear Andrew, Simon and Team, Thank you all so much for all your help and care with my recent surgery. I am so, so happy that I can see the world in a whole new light again.

Love always, Bella


Dear All Animal Eye Services, Thank you all for all your help and love. The world looks better because of you!

Love Jetta


Dear Andrew and Simon, Just a little note to thank you for the care you have taken of Blur. He is very noticeably happier now the painful eye has been removed. We really appreciate all your efforts, he is a special horse and very lucky to have such expert care! Best wishes,



Dear Dr Andrew Turner, Thank you for all the care and attention you gave our beautiful Sheba over the last 9 years. Sincerely,

Elmo and Lorraine


To Andrew and Staff, Thank you for all your care and kindness given to Marmaduke. We do appreciate all you have done for him.

Sincerely, Helen and Ian